Seller House “Love Letter”

When selling your home, it can be very powerful to provide a letter (or bullet points) about all of the things you love about your house, your location, and your community. Things to mention are the size of the rooms, the decor (have you recently painted, installed new flooring, renovated?), views from the windows, patio/deck, schools, community.


  • XXXX Schools have a good reputation and highly rated.
  • Family oriented community. XXXX is a nice place to raise a family. 4H, FFA Chapters and youth sports are active. Nice local restaurants and grocery store just minutes away. Community Picnic is in August. They have games for the kids, softball tournament, bands, beer tent and fireworks. The Chicken dinner on Sunday is fantastic!
  • We love the natural setting. Most of the oak trees around the house are very old. These oak trees witnessed buffalo, elk, indigenous peoples and the arrival of settlers.  When you walk to the top of the hill, you have a great view and it is like being in a different world. If you are quiet and lucky, you may see deer or even a fox. It is just a great place to walk the trail and relax.
  • This land was once a great ocean. During the ice age when the glaciers melted it became a glacial outwash. You will find cool fossilized imprints of the shelled sea creatures that once lived in the ocean within the stones in this area. Way cool!
  • During the spring migration, you see orioles, rose-breasted grosbeaks, siskins, scarlet tanagers, kinglets, thrashers, indigo buntings, finches, migratory hawks, a couple varieties of hummingbirds, towhees, sand hill cranes, several varieties of warblers. Flocks of geese fly over the house morning and night. If you are a birdwatcher, explore the Brooklyn Wildlife area or walk the Ice Age Trail for other varieties and species. If you don’t want to walk down to the marsh, you can still see all these birds from the comfort of your kitchen window. Open the windows and listen to the birds.
  • Rural. Country. Yet convenient to Madison, Middleton, Verona, New Glarus and Oregon. Chicago is less than 2 hours away.
  • This property is zoned for livestock. You can have horses, cattle, goats, chickens, sheep, llamas, alpacas, calves, dog kennels.
  • Country lifestyle. Ride horses on your own land. Cut wood on your own property. Hunt deer and turkey on your own property.
  • The kitchen was remodeled just 1 year ago and features all new appliances, solid surface counter tops, huge pantry and seating options at the center island or kitchen table.
  • We love this place. We raised our children here. We are moving because we have had a job transfer.

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