Buyer “Love Letters”

It can be very helpful to write a Buyer Love Letter to explain to the Seller exactly what you love about the house and something about you. Be aware, that many sellers and their agents do not accept such letters because it can place them in a difficult situation regarding fair housing laws. They must not allude to your race, religion or any other protected classes. Check with your agent before submitting one.  Here is a sample letter:

Dear (Homeowner),


My husband, son, and I visited your home on Sunday afternoon. It is breathtaking! We currently own a small two bedroom corner house in New Glarus. With our second due in November, you can imagine how fast we fell in love with your home. Not only is the space perfect for our growing family, but the amount of history that is preserved is astounding. This house emulates the love and care that you put into it. By the small details of history that you left, to the modern touches, you truly preserved a monument in our town.


We have been in New Glarus for two years. We did not know much about this small Swiss town when we moved in, but we quickly fell in love. We are oftentimes at the pool and library with our little one. The ability to have everything literally at our doorstep is wonderful.  We sat down shortly after we found out that we were expecting to discuss where this new chapter would take us. We knew it would be down the street somewhere. New Glarus is the perfect place to raise a family.


If you accept our offer, we want to assure you that this house will be cherished. It will be filled with laughter, little feet, and love.  Our love for preserving history promises that we will always do our best to keep this house in the best condition possible. We appreciate your hard work into turning the “purple house” into a beautiful historic home.


We wish you the best of luck in your selling process.


Thank you for considering us.

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